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Our Story

Sade Ofset Matbaacılık Ltd.Şti. (Sade Printing House LLC), providing services to companies in a wide range and capable of performing its production within its own facilities -thanks to the machinery thereof capable of offset, flexographic and letterpress printing and by virtue of its bookbinding workshop- was established through Mr. Galip Demir (1939-2007) in 1974 in Cağaloğlu district of Istanbul province.

In 1996, our company moved to its building in the Bağcılar Matbaacılar Sitesi/Massit (Bağcılar Printing House Complex) where it currently operates.

What we do

Our company, Sade Ofset, continued to make printing of promotional and advertising materials in the years subsequent to the inception thereof and in the ensuing years, our company focused on providing the esteemed clientele thereof with innovative choices as to labels, booklet labels, packaging materials and production of POP materials in line with the developments in the market.

Our company has collected all the pre-press, press and post-press production processes under one single umbrella.

Our Values
  • Respect for humans and the environment,
  • Trust,
  • Customer-orientation,
  • Innovation,
  • Continuous growth,
  • Equal education opportunities for employees
  • Contribution to the society, being conscious of our social responsibilities
Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To be a company with great liaisons with all parties involved, a distinguished company that is preferred for all types of reasons.

Our Mission: To proceed on our path as a customer-driven, innovative company & to produce value-added packaging and labels with the best “quality over costs” ratio

Corporate Policy

As SADE OFSET LTD company, we aim to act in accordance with the laws and the Integrated Management System built upon our vision, mission and values; we aim to bring about changes in the sector with our customer-oriented and innovative structure; we aim to bring about the applicable concord; to gain the trust of all parties involved; to contribute to sustainable development. In this respect; we pledge to:

  • To make our work place a happy place, full of synergy;
  • To present quality products and services in all processes;
  • To place customer satisfaction at the core of our quality system;
  • To spread quality awareness by effective cooperation with our suppliers;
  • To educate newcomers and enhance teamwork via our policy of investing in humans;
  • To ensure continuous education and satisfaction of our employees by developing their awareness on workers’ safety and environmental protection issues;
  • To ensure workers’ health and safety, to build systems that prevent work accidents and job- related diseases;
  • To diminish waste production and pollution, by thorough use of resources; to protect the nature;
  • To be an honest, scrupulous corporation bonded by ethical values;
  • To abide all laws and regulations;
  • To abide by the rules of the Quality, Environment, Workers’ Health and Safety Management Systems and to update these systems.



Printing, packaging, label production and their sales constitute the scope of our management system. Our operations do not result in polluting emissions, we do not produce high noise. We only have process water as waste, which we dispose using the industrial site’s water treatment plant.


Dear Customers, Our products are made of %100 recyclable materials. Our products should be classified and disposed as described in the local regulations and/or as described on the packaging. Please contact us for detailed information on the procedures on the life span of the products.



Our company constantly invests in technology so that our printing quality is in the international ISO 12407 printing standards, receive consulting services from independent companies and we provide training for all of our employees. FOGRA certified printing machine making true color printing. Special monitors showing the print color that can be calibrated.

We control all w processes such as raw material purchase, accepting orders, production and shipment through ERP (Enterprise resource planning). Quality control software, detailed and constant monitoring of printing quality. 

Printing color setting by virtue of CIP 3 and in-line spectrophotometer and continuous control from the first printed layer to the last printed layer. The newest technologies of the world in stamping foil and embossed printing, quick adjustment and precision printing thanks to screwed cliché plates.

Production under one roof by virtue of our own bookbinding machinery subsequent to printing.

Our Founder

Galip Demir

He was born 1938 in Kaman District of Kırşehir Province. He attended the elementary, secondary and high schools in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. After being forced to discontinue his education in the Faculty of Science of Ankara University due to financial problems, he graduated from the Department of Industry of the Ankara Economical & Political Sciences Academy. He won the second prize in the examination he entered in the Academy incident to education abroad. He attended the Department of English Language of the University of Georgetown. He attended the anthropological studies conducted in Turkey and assisted Prof. Dr. Joe Pierce in publishing his book styled “Life in a Turkish Village”.

He worked as a manager in the private sector, and then founded the Sade Ofset Matbaacılık (Sade publishing company). After becoming a founding member of the Foundation for Research and Education of the Akhi Culture in 1984, he was appointed as Chair of the cited Foundation in 1987. He had various books and periodicals published about Akhism, Mr. Demir, who also worked as an apprentice in a printing house while he was going to secondary school, proved his loyalty to this craft fourty-five years later by acting as a pioneer during the foundation of the Printing House Apprenticeship Center. In 1994, he strived for the foundation of the Ahi Evran University in the province of Kırsehir along with the members of the Foundation Trustees of the Ahi Evran Technical University. In 1995, He accepted the invitation of the Turkish American Associations Federation to furnish lectures incident to Akhism in meetings conducted in the USA. Mr. Galip Demir, who chaired Mas-Sit Matbaacılar Sitesi (Mas-Sit Printing House Complex) for long periods and who was one of the founding member of the ESD (Label Manufacturers Association) had numerous articles and compilations published in various organs of the publishing industry. The report submitted through Mr. Demir to the relevant commission as to the relationship of Akhism and Consumers during the preparation of the Consumer Protection Code in the Turkish National Assembly, attracted great attention. He was later assigned as a founding member on the foundations, behalf of the “Consumer Council” formed within the framework of the said Code. Mr. Demir received a service award from the President of the Republic of Turkey due to his efforts for consumer protection in 1999.

He partook in the Ombudsman researches by being the initiator of studies carried out to “Generate Ideas” in line with the Development Model of the Akhism System, ASKMOD, established within the Foundation. He published his book germane to the Turkish Culture and Akhism in 1998. His comprehensive book styled the Foundation of the Ottoman State and Akhism published in 2000 attracted great attention and was considered to be a written source of information through authorities as a book published under this name. The book was highly appreciated by the University of Virginia in the United States.

In 2002, his book styled Akhism and Rising Values; in 2003, his books named In Search for Ombudsman and Akhism and Democracy were published. His books styled General Information on Akhism and Basic Information on Akhism were made ready for publication. Moreover, many of his papers such as the Consumers and Akhism presented during the Akhism Culture Week and the Role Played by Akhism in the Foundation of the Ottoman State presented during the 2nd International Akhism Symposium were also published by the Ministry of Culture and other institutions. His paper presented in the seminar named “The Role of the Ombudsman in the State of Law” co-organized by the Turkish National Assembly and the Council of Europe Human Rights, later was cited as a source for the history of the Ombudsmanism in the book penned through Mr. Jernej Rovsek the EU, Slovenia Ombudsman. His book named In Search for Ombudsman is utilized as a source book in doctoral studies and master’s thesis in the Faculties of Law both in Turkey and abroad. He presented papers concerning the various aspects of Akhism during symposiums, panels and conferences organized by Universities in Ankara , Istanbul and other Turkish and foreign cities. “Galip Demir Elementary School” was built through the Governance of the Kırşehir province in Kaman District of the Kırşehir province in the name of our founder in the remembrance of the outstanding services thereof as to science and education Mr.Galip Demir, nominated for the Distinguished Service Award in 2007 by the Turkish National Assembly, was granted the Akhism Honor Award through the Governance of the Kırşehir province in the same year.

Mr.Galip Demir has never stopped his social works although the relentless disease he had. However, the treatments and surgery he had as a result of the disease diagnosed in 2004, were not sufficient and he passed away on September 11, 2007. He was buried in his final resting place in Zincirlikuyu on September 12, 2007.


Our Social Responsibility Projects

Our company is a member of BASMEN (Members of the Printing Houses Association) and BASEV (Education Foundation of Printing Industry), the civil society organizations of the industry, and one of the founding member of the ESD (Label Manufacturers Association). Mr. Murat Demir, our General Manager, currently continues to be an active member of the board of directors of BASEV.

Our company additionally provides educational support to students of “Galip Demir Elementary School” built through the Governance of the Kırşehir province in the name of our founder in the remembrance of the outstanding services thereof as to Ahi Community (Turkish-Islamic tradesmen and craftsmen community) and university students in collaboration with the Ahi Foundation.

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