Corporate Policy

Corporate Policy

As SADE OFSET LTD company, we aim to act in accordance with the laws and the Integrated Management System built upon our vision, mission and values; we aim to bring about changes in the sector with our customer-oriented and innovative structure; we aim to bring about the applicable concord; to gain the trust of all parties involved; to contribute to sustainable development. In this respect; we pledge to:

  • To make our work place a happy place, full of synergy;
  • To present quality products and services in all processes;
  • To place customer satisfaction at the core of our quality system;
  • To spread quality awareness by effective cooperation with our suppliers;
  • To educate newcomers and enhance teamwork via our policy of investing in humans;
  • To ensure continuous education and satisfaction of our employees by developing their awareness on workers’ safety and environmental protection issues;
  • To ensure workers’ health and safety, to build systems that prevent work accidents and job- related diseases;
  • To diminish waste production and pollution, by thorough use of resources; to protect the nature;
  • To be an honest, scrupulous corporation bonded by ethical values;
  • To abide all laws and regulations;
  • To abide by the rules of the Quality, Environment, Workers’ Health and Safety Management Systems and to update these systems.


Printing, packaging, label production and their sales constitute the scope of our management system. Our operations do not result in polluting emissions, we do not produce high noise. We only have process water as waste, which we dispose using the industrial site’s water treatment plant.


Dear Customers,

Our products are made of %100 recyclable materials. Our products should be classified and disposed as described in the local regulations and/or as described on the packaging. Please contact us for detailed information on the procedures on the life span of the products.