Booklet Label

What is the “Booklet Label” ?

The Booklet Label is an adhesive colourful booklet, a new solution to your promotion and packaging, enabling you to present much more information on a given space on your product.

Our booklet shall be an extra competitive advantage for you. It can directly be a part of your packaging or can be adhered to your packaging.nThe advantages can be classified into two; the Promotion and PR advantages, and the Packaging Application advantages. Ease in applying using labeling machines, Can be used for direct advertising, Can be used as a product catalog, Can be used for introducing new products, Can be used for announcing rebates, Can be used in cross-branding…

Why Use Booklet Labels?

Booklet label is a new solution for your promotion and packaging applications enabling you to provide more information and messages on the product without limitation of space and which can be manufactured in automatic labeling lines like normal labels.

Booklet labels can be employed as your product's main packaging materials and as a means of promotion and advertisement of products on the package you are utilizing. Either usage furnishes you with great advantages.

Advantages in Packaging Applications

  • You can gain more customer satisfaction and receive less customer complaints through inclusion of environmental protection information, more detailed usage information and product specifications as well as warnings and precautions.

  • Booklet labels do not limit you in a limited space like standard products. You can increase the usage space of the label as much as you desire by the additional pages you add.

  • Instead of using different labels in different languages for products you export to different countries you can utilize one single label for all the languages.

  • You can attach documents which are obliged to be included such as user manual, warranty card and list of services on the products without the need for an extra box or container.

  • You can place the content and legal information to the internal pages and provide more visual quality on the front face of your label as well as increasing the shelf appeal there of.

Product Description and Promotion

  • You can provide detailed explanation of your new launched products as well as your existent products, and represent the features as well as its competitive advan tages.

  • Promotion through employment of newspapers and magazines.

  • You can employ the booklet labels as a packaging material on your product as well as utilizing same as means of product advertisement and promotion on your current packaging.

  • You can add new values (recipes, stickers, labels, etc ...) without changing the content or packaging of your product.

  • You can explain different types of products and product groups on one single product. You can support the sales of one of your best-selling products.

  • Discount coupons (rebates) Cross branding Sweepstakes Scratch-off Labels

  • You can convey your promotions to your customers without having to change the product's packaging.

Different Models of Booklet Labels

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