Booklet Label

Booklet Label

  • Turkey’s first and largest producer in the field,
  • High experience in packaging and product promotion applications, solutions for your requirements,
  • Solutions for lowering packaging costs and increasing sales in promotion,
  • High capacity and secure supply with 2 production lines,
  • Variable code printing, scratch-off, perforation, special cutting, foil stamping, special applications such as partial lacquer,
  • Flexible production from one thousand up to one million,
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What is the “Booklet Label” ?

The Booklet Label is an adhesive colourful booklet, a new solution to your promotion and packaging, enabling you to present much more information on a given space on your product.

Why the “Booklet Label” ?

Our booklet shall be an extra competitive advantage for you. It can directly be a part of your packaging or can be adhered to your packaging.

The advantages can be classified into two; the Promotion and PR advantages, and the Packaging Application advantages. Ease in applying using labeling machines, Can be used for direct advertising, Can be used as a product catalog, Can be used for introducing new products, Can be used for announcing rebates, Can be used in cross-branding…