Chocolate Packaging

  • Turkey’s one of the two largest chocolate wrapper manufacturer with an annual production of 100 million units,
  • Capacity to deliver products in large quantities in a very short time by virtue of our in-house
  • Prepress/Offset Printing/UV Coating & Printing/Hot Stamping Foil and Hydraulic cutting units ,
  • Contracted and exclusive supplier of leading chocolate manufacturers such as Nestle, Sagra and Konya Sugar Factory (Torku),
  • Import of high quantities of special one-sided glossy paper used for chocolate packaging and storage thereof with a view to provide a safe supply,
  • Appropriate conditions for production of food packaging,
  • Employment of low migration inks and lacquers suitable for food packaging,
  • Obtaining stamping foil and embossed printing in a single pass with our special applications, high quality and precision tuning and usage of only Kurz, the world’s largest stamping foil manufacturer…

Non-stick label

  • A daily capacity of 4,000,000 precisely cut pieces of labels by virtue of fully automatic cutting machines
  • Personnel specialized in triangular cheese, beverages, canned food, water and soda labels,
  • Production line formed according to thin label paper printing,
  • The best possible stamping foil practices for thin label paper.
  • The best stamping foil technology in Turkey, high precision and tactile embossed printings,
  • High Gloss, water-resistant coated and specialty paper options,
  • Dispersion or UV Coating options according to the requirements…