Occupational health and safety Management System

Occupational health and safety Management System

In our entire company, Occupational health and safety Management System have been established to protect the health of our employees and to provide a safe work environment.

Throughout our operations, we follow up the changes and improvements within the frame of the Occupational health and safety Management System, the national legislation and the law. Occupational health and safety requirements are reviewed and evaluated periodically.

It is our priority that our employees work in a healthy and safe environment. We analyzeand evaluate potential healthand safety risks,and take the necessary precautions.

In all our production lines, the machinery and equipment used are in accordance with CE. During periodic maintenance procedures, we check that the safety equipments of all our machines are fully functioning.

We run health inspections on our employees during recruitment and then annually.

Annual eye examinations are done to protect the eye health of the staff that drive or use screens and to inform the people. Annual carrier inspections are carried out for the production and kitchen staff. Pulmonary function tests (PFT), hearing tests, blood tests and chest X-rays are done for all employees and the results are followed up.

In addition, each year, training is given on ergonomics, hygiene, protective wear, emergency situations and emergency drills are done, which we believe make a major contribution to the health and job security of our staff. Emergency teams have been formed; team members have successfully completed first aid and fire trainings and are certified.