Do you need extra space on your labels but don’t want to invest in new labeling machinery ?

We are offering multi-page labels with the possibility of applying them to your existing wet-glue labeling lines.

Wet-Glue Labels - sadeofset.com.tr

Do you need XXL Multipage labels, which are impossible to produce as Booklet Labels ?

We can produce up to 50 cm of multi-page labels, which are impossible for booklets and piggyback labels, at much more competitive prices.

Wet-Glue Labels - sadeofset.com.tr

Do you want to pay less but get more space?

Self-adhesive standard booklet labels and piggyback labels are expensive alternatives. We can produce 50% cheaper compared to booklet labels and piggybacks.

Wet-Glue Labels - sadeofset.com.tr


  • With the multi-page labels, the label can maintain its original format.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of purposes in different industries. Car paints, chemicals, canned food...

  • A wet-glue multi-page label is an innovative combination of a printed and folded leaflet without adding a self-adhesive layer or lamination film. It’s more economic!

  • They can be tailored to suit different product needs and applied with standard WET GLUE labeling equipment.

  • Extra-big XXL multi-page wet glue labels can be produced up to 50 cm.

  • Ideal for repeated reference information such as product instructions, multilingual information, or safety information.

  • Wet glue labels are designed to peel and reseal, providing more space for products and promotional information that can be easily accessed time and time again. This makes them well-suited to more information in multiple languages, such as product instructions or safety advice.

  • It can be used as a take-away leaflet or booklet. The customer can easily peel off or tear off the upper layer and keep it for later use.

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